Better Governance for Better Services

Project Status: Grant Agreement (Click to View/Download Agreement)
Funding Partner: Manusher Jonno Foundation (MJF)
Location: Around the Country (Field Intervention District: Jashore)
Project Duration: 3 Years 7.5 Months (January 2019 to August 15, 2022)
Project Cost: BDT 23,882,344.00
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Audit Reports

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MRDI EPR Project Proposal 12 February 2019
MRDI EPR Project Proposal (Revised November 2021)
Activity Detailed Sheet 12 February 2019
Activity Detailed Sheet (Revised November 2021)
Logical Framework 12 February 2019
Logical Framework (Revised November 2021)
Job Specifications for Key Staffs 12 February 2019
Job Specifications for Key Staffs (Revised November 2021)


Team Leader: Hasibur Rahman, Executive Director, MRDI
Project Coordinator: Aktarun Naher, Manager, Programme, MRDI
Finance and Admin Officer: Shaniaz Ahmed, Deputy Manager, Accounts, MRDI
RTI Helpdesk Officer: Afra Nawmi, Senior Programme Officer, MRDI
Training and Documentation Officer: Modina Jahan Rime, MRDI
Field Intervention Coordinator: S M Arifuzzaman
Project Facilitator: Sarojit Mondal
Support Staff: Hamida Begum


Goal: Improve transparency and accountability of public service institutes by keeping the demand- supply chain of information and service increasingly operative.

Outcome-1: Service providers become more capable and prepared to deliver information and services to the people, particularly marginalized groups including women.

Outcome-2: Target beneficiaries are more aware and empowered to claim information and service form the authorities.

Outcome-3: Policy planners are in a better position to make the governance tools more operative.

Outcome-4: Stakeholders become aware on the severe consequence of COVID pandemic and cautionary measures to keep safe.


Activate/form JANAK, a citizen support group for popularizing the RTI

Introduce RTI E&M learning certified course for Youth

Mobile and web based RTI learning course

RTI Camp and follow-up camp

Campaign among school students

Nationwide promotion of RTI help desk

Develop template on web-based disclosure for district web portal

Develop modules of the RTI training manual for self-administered

Online/visual training for the DOs of NGOs

Conduct youth perception survey on RTI

Advocacy for forming Parliamentary Caucus on RTI

RTK day observance

Orientation for Government officials on RTI and WBPA

Community mobilizing meeting

Support NGOs to develop/review Information Disclosure Policy (IDP)

Proactive disclosure assessment

Orientation for NGO DOs on RTI

Capacity building for Journalist on RTI

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