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The passion to do something exceptional for the good of the society triggered establishment of MRDI by a group of professionals with dreams in their eyes and a far-reaching vision. Established in May 2001, MRDI has now emerged as a leading media development organization in Bangladesh, with a vision to foster a just and open society. Recognized for its advocacy for the right to information, MRDI played a crucial role in the enactment of the Right to Information Act in Bangladesh.

Over the years, MRDI has been working aiming towards its mission to build a strong and independent media that empowers the people and demands accountability in all spheres of life through attaining its strategic objectives. In conformity with its cherished values, the organization adheres to a high level of transparency, ensures optimum use of resources maintaining quality of work that has earned trust of partners and stakeholders. Committed to creating a free and diverse media environment in Bangladesh, MRDI regularly commissions research, conducts surveys, and produces materials to support journalists and journalism. In addition to reporters’ handbooks and toolkits, MRDI has initiated establishing a comprehensive repository of data and statistics, aiming to be a one-stop solution for journalists’ data needs.

MRDI is widely recognized for its impactful training programs for journalists across various platforms and mediums in Bangladesh. The organization’s dedication to strengthening investigative journalism has sparked renewed interest in in-depth investigations among news media outlets and individual reporters.

MRDI’s pursuit of a free and independent media, coupled with its unwavering support for the news industry and its practitioners, has earned significant goodwill across the media landscape of Bangladesh.

Aligned with its commitment to people’s right to information, MRDI endeavors to build an environment where citizens and officials collaborate, rather than viewing each other as adversaries when seeking information. Through strategic partnerships with government agencies and active engagement with citizens, MRDI has not only bolstered the demand for information but has also enhanced the capabilities of officials. The emergence of a proactive disclosure culture, rooted in a heightened commitment to openness, stands as a testament to MRDI’s extensive efforts and contributions to good governance.

The organization takes pride in practicing the same standards of transparency and governance that it advocates, embodying its commitment to fostering a stronger democracy.

Registered as a company with limited liability, the affairs of the organization are run by a team of professionals, guided by a board of directors.

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