Promoting Fact Checking to Counter Misinformation in Bangladesh

Project Status: Grant Agreement
Funding Partner: Internews
Location: Dhaka
Project Duration: 24 months (1 January 2023 to 31 December 2024)
Project Cost: BDT 17,080,634.00
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Team Leader: Hasibur Rahman, Executive Director, MRDI
Programme Coordinator: 1. Jannatun Nahar, MRDI
2. Abu Bakar Bin Alam, MRDI
Finance Coordinator: Sk. Shaniaz Ahmed, Deputy Manager, Accounts, MRDI
HR & Logistic Coordinator: Mohua Alam Snigdha, Senior Officer HR & Logistics, MRDI

To create a responsive society against misinformation through capacity building of journalists, journalism teachers, and youths on factchecking


Training content development meeting

ToT on fact-checking for journalists/youth groups/journalism teachers

Training for peer educator journalists/youth groups/journalism teachers

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