TV Discussion with Mainstream Youth Phase-I

Project Status: Grant Agreement
Funding Partner: British High Commission through British Council, Bangladesh
Location: Countrywide
Project Duration: 5 Months
Project Cost: BDT 4,616,700.00
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Create a platform for mainstream youth to articulate views which will counter extremist’s narrative, through public discussion of issues concerning violence, development, human rights and democracy in Bangladesh.


This project will focus on the majority mainstreams youth who do not publicly discuss Islamic issues.

Islamic issues seem to be the topics of discussion of conservative/extremist Muslims.

There are polarized debates regarding these issues and the majority ordinary Muslims are out of the fold.

Through this project we are expecting to target this left out or ‘silent majority’. Through this project, we expect the mainstream voices to be heard and broadly disseminated, aimed at challenging the extremist and rationales being accepted as general public work.

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