Improving Qualitative Journalism in Bangladesh
Selected Stories (Translated from Bangla) 

Sl. Story Title Summary Translated Reporter/Partner Published  on Prorgamme
1 Gas explosions due to authorities’ negligence Summary English Version Parvez Reza
Ekattor TV
24 May, 2024 IJ Helpdesk
2 Episode-3: Double diagnosis costs due to doctor’s commissions Summary English Version Shariful Rukon
25 July, 2023 IJ Helpdesk
3 Episode-2: Patients becoming the ‘sacrificial lamb’ Summary English Version Shariful Rukon
24 July, 2023 IJ Helpdesk
4 Episode-1: Cheques cars and houses for doctors Summary English Version Shariful Rukon
23 July, 2023 IJ Helpdesk
5 Despite real allegations, impunity in collaboration with the the drug administration and police. Summary English Version Shariful Islam
27 March, 2023 IJ Helpdesk
6 Half of the infants are not getting breast milk; families choosing ‘formula milk.’ Summary English Version Muslima Jahan Setu
Freelance reporter
19 March, 2023 Gender Mentorship
7 E-Movie plan app: Local and foreign gangs have robbed around 400 crore Taka in a year. Summary English Version Md. Rashidul Haque (Rusho)
Ekattor TV Rajshahi
10 March, 2023 IJ Partnership
8 ‘Kishor-Kishori’ club funds misappropriated: breakfast money goes to the pockets of the officials. Summary English Version Eshtiak Ahmed
Ekattor TV
3 March, 2023 Gender Mentorship
9 Sanitary napkin is like a ‘golden deer’ in the haor area: use of old clothes is causing serious infections. Summary English Version Tanvirul Islam
Staff Reporter
26 February, 2023 Gender Mentorship
10 Women representative post in the local government: all are smoke and mirrors Summary English Version Md. Mehedi Hasan
Dainik Bangla
14 February, 2023 Gender Mentorship
11 Women Garments workers: Pregnancy is a horror for them. Summary English Version Md Shahrear Hassan
Dainik Bangla
5 February, 2023 Gender Mentorship
12 Jamaat syndicate embezzling money from Islami Bank Summary English Version Nayan Aditto
Ekattor Television
14 January, 2023 IJ Helpdesk
13 Smaller projects are not being completed properly: Parks, solar lights at the expense of climate climate fund Summary English Version Abul Hasan Himaloy
Daily Samakal, Khulna
12 November, 2022 Mentorship for correspondents
14 Drug money in mobile banking Summary English Version Sahadat Hossain Parash
Daily Samakal
28 September, 2022 IJ Partnership
15 No MPO without bribes. Summary English Version Sabbir Newaz
Daily Samakal
3 July, 2022 IJ Partnership
16 Market flooded with adulterated cosmetics, consumers in peril. Summary English Version Jasim Uddin
30 June, 2022 IJ Partnership
17 Corruption in Liquid Gases: Maheshkhali Floating LNG Terminal Summary English Version Obaydullah Rony
Daily Samakal
10 April, 2022 IJ Partnership
18 The mother’s wombs falling victim to greed. Summary English Version Jesmin Akter (Papri)
Freelance Reporter
19 December, 2021 Corruption Mentorship
19 Coastal women losing their uterus due to salty water Summary English Version Jesmin Papri
23 August, 2020 Mentorship on Climate & Environment
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