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CSR Investigation Reports

Our Approaches & Initiatives Towards Development

Management and Resources Development Initiative is a multi-disciplinary, not-for-profit, non-government organisation engaged in a wide spectrum of social development activities. Its objectives are developing the standard and quality of the media, enhancing physical and mental well-being of the people and empowerment of women, adolescents, children, minority and other marginalised sections of the population. Partners of MRDI include well-reputed think tank, research organisations and development agencies. Besides, it gets support from international and local donors, embassies and UN agencies.

  On Going Projects

MDGs & Year 2015:

Upcoming Project Activities

Divisional consultation on Children and Ethical Reporting in media

in partnership with UNICEF

7 August, Khulna

Training of Government Officials on RTI Act, 2009 and its implication

in partnership with MJF

11-12 August, Barisal


Nature of Activities

Completed Projects

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