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Management and Resources Development Initiative (MRDI) was established in May 2001 with the aim to develop the standard and quality of the media and engage in a wide spectrum of social development activities. MRDI is a preeminent media training organization in Bangladesh, a dynamic media market in South Asia. Apart from media training, the organization has the experience in advocacy and promotion of right to information (RTI) and corporate social responsibility (CSR).

MRDI’s effort also focuses on capacity building of media and CSOs on public fund management, trade negotiation, nutrition, food security, RTI and CSR; mainstreaming ethical journalism and introducing social audit to ensure transparency and accountability. Updating academic curricula of journalism of public universities and capacity building of university teachers is another significant initiative of MRDI.


SDGs and Year 2030

Upcoming Project Activities

Lecture session on financial literacy

with Dhanmondi Government Boys' High School

20 January 2018,  Dhaka
In partnership with HSBC


Seminar on ‘Gender in Journalism: In pursuit of Quality Content and Sensitivity’
24 January 2018,  Dhaka
In partnership with FOJO Media Institute, Linnaeus University, Sweden


Orientation and interaction meeting on news literacy with Youths
29-30 January 2018, Moulavibazar, Sylhet

In partnership with UNICEF


Seminar on Investigative Journalism Partnership Second Call
1 February 2018,  Dhaka
In partnership with FOJO Media Institute, Linnaeus University, Sweden


Sharing Meeting and Capacity Development of NGOs and CSOs on RTI

6-7 February, Dhaka

In partnership with Manusher Jonno Foundation


On Going Projects