Project Status: Grant Agreement (Click to View/Download Agreement)

Funding Partner: Manusher Jonno Foundation (MJF)

Location: Around the Country (Field Intervention District: Jashore)

Project Duration: 3 Years (January 2019 to December 2021)

Project Cost: BDT 18,798,862.00

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Project Documents:

MRDI EPR Project Proposal 12 February 2019

Activity Detailed Sheet 12 February 2019

Logical Framework 12 February 2019

Job Specifications for Key Staffs 12 February 2019

Project Personnel:

Team Leader – Hasibur Rahman, Executive Director, MRDI

Program Coordinator – Aktarun Naher , Deputy Manager, Programme

Finance and Admin Officer – Shaniaz Ahmed, Deputy Manager, Accounts

Field Intervention Coordinator – S M Arifuzzaman

Support Staff – Hamida Begum

Project Goal & Outcome:

Goal: Improve transparency and accountability of public service institutes by keeping the demand- supply chain of information and service increasingly operative.

Outcome-1: Service providers become more capable and prepared to deliver information and services to the people, particularly marginalized groups including women.

Outcome-2: Target beneficiaries are more aware and empowered to claim information and service form the authorities.

Outcome-3: Policy planners are in a better position to make the governance tools more operative.

Major Activities:      

  • Activate/form JANAK, a citizen support group for popularizing the RTI
  • Introduce RTI E&M learning certified course for Youth – mobile and web based RTI learning course
  • Boot camp for RTI E&M learning course certified youth
  • RTI Camp and follow-up camp
  • Campaign among school students
  • Conduct social audit on service delivery
  • Nationwide promotion of RTI help desk
  • Develop template on web-based disclosure for ministries
  • Communication strategy on WBPA
  • Develop modules of the RTI training manual for self-administered online/visual training for the DOs of NGOs
  • Conduct political mapping on RTI implementation
  • Conduct youth perception survey on RTI
  • Study on 2nd generation Citizen Charter
  • Advocacy for forming Parliamentary Caucus on RTI
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