Until 2007 journalist Mohon Akhand had a very vague notion of what business journalism is. Though in the profession since mid-‘90s, Mohon could, at best, relate launching or anniversary programmes of business institutions, bank branches, showrooms and press conferences by trade bodies in the category of business journalism. He had no idea that it could be something deeper, in-depth, beyond run of the mill reporting.

Thanks to a Katalyst intervention implemented through a development organisation – Management and Resources Development Initiative (MRDI), that has helped journalist in the likes of Mohon in Bogra to accrue business journalism acumen. It also helped establish a working relationship between the newsmen and the business circle.

Apart from taking relevant training, Mohon, now the bureau chief of a national daily – The Samakal – in Bogra, also took part in activities like roundtables, participated by entrepreneurs and mass media workers, and field visits to gather firsthand experience on how businesses run.

Mohon, who has been in the journalism profession for over 14 years now, became an active member of Business Reporters’ Network (BRN) in Bogra and since the initial exposures to business journalism in 2007, started taking a great interest in covering important business issues for the paper he works for.

“My lacking in experience on covering business issues and a state of non-communication between the journalist and business communities in Bogra actually held me back for long from traversing into the area of business journalism,” explained Mohon, who had worked as staff reporter in Bogra for another Bengali daily – The Jugantar – also a few initial years in a Bogra daily – Aaj O Agamikal.

Mohon, who used to write more on politics, civic amenities, gender and sport issues, now turned a bit more business-savvy and a regular contributor for The Samakal’s weekly editions of financial page and specialized trade and commerce page. He gives the Katalyst-MRDI initiatives and business peoples’ cooperation credit for this little twist in his journalistic career.

In return, his writings – some of which also splashed newspapers’ banner headlines – helped promote the causes of many promising business sectors including, foundry, rice mills, share trading.

Once Mohon himself could little understand the trading of shares but, now the time has changed – many small investors and prospective investors get cues on making investments in stocks by reading his write-ups.

People involved in businesses in Bogra are appreciative of such rise in volumes of business reporting while Mohon always feel requirement for more high-level long-course to further sharpen his craftsmanship in the field of business journalism.

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