Journalism Skills in Media and Academia – Phase II

Project Status: Grant Agreement
Funding Partner: The Asia Foundation
Location: Bangladesh
Project Duration: 4 months (August 2022 to November 2022)
Project Cost: BDT 28,54,038.00
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Team Leader: Hasibur Rahman, Executive Director, MRDI
Programme Coordinator: Afra Nawmi, Senior Programme Officer, MRDI
Logistic Coordinator: Md. Mizanur Rahman, Senior Logistics Officer, MRDI
Finance Coordinator: Shaniaz Ahmed, Deputy Manager, Accounts, MRDI

Support university journalism departments to teach fact checking and countering misinformation using pedagogic resources.


Develop module on factchecking and countering misinformation for the Department of Mass Communication and Journalism, University of Rajshahi and Department of Communication and Journalism, University of Chittagong.

Introduce the module to the teachers of two universities through a three-day capacity development program

Organize a seminar on the importance of teaching factchecking at the university level

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