Senior Programme Officer

Job Description 

Senior Programme Officer

Role at MRDI:           Technical and support

Reporting to:            Manager Programme

Responsible for:      Project staff and others as assigned

Purpose: To ensure that projects and programmes are implemented according to plan and reports prepared and delivered on time. 

Main functions of the post:

  1. Leadership: Guide the project staff and others as required in implementing activities and events according to Programme Plan.
  1. Management:
  • Timely implementation of project/programme activities and events.
  • Prepare monthly/quarterly/annual/end of project reports on time and deliver with feedback and approval of the Manager Programme.
  • Provide all necessary support to the Manager Programme.
  1. Technical:
  • Assist the project proposal writing team.
  • Share technical knowledge and skills with team members.
  1. Communication: Keep in close contact with media, support the Manager Programme in maintaining internal and external communications.
  1. Organizational:
  • Contribute to organizational development activities as a member of MRDI team.
  • Assist the Manager Programme in coordinating the work of the annual report writing team. 

Key Technical knowledge and skills required:

  1. A strong commitment to MRDI’s vision, mission and values.
  2. Updated knowledge on development concepts including programme implementation and monitoring.
  3. In-depth knowledge of the media sector in Bangladesh.
  4. Knowledge of capacity building and training methodologies.
  5. Proficiency in both Bangla and English.
  6. Fairly strong leadership and management skills.
  7. Fairly strong analytical/problem solving skills.

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