Senior Officer HR and Logistics

Job Description 

Senior Officer HR and Logistics

Role at MRDI:           Technical and support

Reporting to:            Head of Operations

Responsible for:      Admin and Logistics staff (when in place) and Office Junior

Purpose: To ensure proper administration, HR management and logistics supply for smooth functioning of MRDI’s programmes and projects. 

Main functions of the post:

  1. Leadership: Remain vigilant about day-to-day functions and take quick decision in managing crisis in consultation with the management.
  1. Management:
  • Provide administrative and logistics support in implementation of project/programme activities and events.
  • Manage receipt and issue of goods by and from the store.
  • Maintain personal file, leave, attendance and movement registers and report to the authority at the end of the month or whenever required.
  • Provide necessary support to the staff appraisal team.
  1. Technical:
  • Keep track and control inventory of logistics/goods at the store
  • Maintain asset register and suggest write off of any goods that have lost usability.
  1. Communication: Respond to internal communications by staff to meet their logistics and administrative needs.
  1. Organizational: Contribute to organizational growth and branding by practicing administrative excellence.
  1. Others: Any other responsibility as and when assigned by the authority. 

Key Technical knowledge and skills required:

  1. A strong commitment to MRDI’s vision, mission and values.
  2. Updated knowledge on HR and logistics management.
  3. Skilled in taking administrative decisions and crisis management.
  4. Skilled to communicate in both Bangla and English.
  5. Fairly strong leadership and management skills.

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