Senior Accounts Officer

Job Description

Manager Accounts

Role at MRDI:            Support and technical

Reporting to:             Manager Accounts

Responsible for:       Accounts staff (As and when in place)

Purpose: Proper maintenance of MRDI’s books of accounts in full compliance with the law of the land and organizational provisions. 

Main functions of the post:

  1. Leadership:
  • Maintain books of accounts covering all transactions of the organization in a responsible manner.
  1. Management:
  • Preserve bills, vouchers, banking transaction and other documents in soft and print formats as applicable.
  • Assist the Manager Accounts in preparing documents for auditing of accounts and facing the auditor with evidence and justification.
  • Provide all necessary support to the Manager Accounts.
  1. Technical:
  • Remain updated with digital techniques and accounting software and apply those as required.
  • Assist Manager Accounts in automation and updating of accounting system.
  1. Communication:
  • Communicate with audit firms when assigned.
  • Keep in contact with banks for transaction purposes as required.
  1. Organizational:
  • Contribute to organizational development by taking part in resource mobilization activities.
  • Contribute to preparing the annual report by providing the audit report.
  1. Others: Any other responsibility as and when assigned by the authority including deputation to different project/s.

Key Technical knowledge and skills required:

  1. A strong commitment to MRDI’s vision, mission and values.
  2. Updated knowledge and skills on financial management of development programmes and projects.
  3. Advanced skills in maintaining books of account
  4. Skills on updated accounting software.
  5. Able to communicate both in Bangla and English.
  6. Strong analytical/problem solving skills.

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