Head of Capacity Building and IJ Help Desk

Job Description

Head of Capacity Building and IJ Helpdesk

Role at MRDI:          Strategic

Reporting to:           Executive Director

Responsible for:     All Project/Programme Managers/Coordinators and Programme Officers

Member of the MRDI Management Team

Purpose: To ensure that MRDI attains excellence in developing capacity of its staff and beneficiaries to produce the positive outcomes.

Main functions of the post:

  1. Leadership: Ensure that the capacity building programmes are effectively implemented through training, mentorship, fellowship and support of the IJ Helpdesk.
  1. Management:
  • Ensure that all capacity building programmes are designed and implemented according to the plan and reports are produced on time.
  • Keep the IJ Helpdesk operative and provide support to journalists in producing high quality IJ stories..
  1. Technical:
  • Provide tips to journalists interested in producing investigative stories.
  • Guide content development teams and oversee implementation of training and other capacity development programmes
  1. Communication: Keep in close contact with media, academic partners and government agencies as a member of MRDI Management Team.
  1. Policy: Contribute to updating of all programme related policies when necessary.
  1. Organizational: Contribute to the wider organizational development as directed by the Executive Director.
  1. Others: Any other responsibility as and when assigned by the authority. 

Key Technical knowledge and skills required:

  1. A strong commitment to MRDI’s vision, mission and values.
  2. In-depth knowledge of the media sector in Bangladesh.
  3. Knowledge of capacity building approaches.
  4. Proficiency in both Bangla and English.
  5. Strong leadership and management skills.
  6. Strong analytical/problem solving skills.

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