MRDI’s iKnow app platform for knowledge sharing Advance your knowledge with iknow learning app. Explore the educational materials to broaden your understanding, get aware about social issues and build your capacity with the assistance from prominent experts and instructors in the simplest way.

iknow helps you learn anytime and from anywhere; while stuck in traffic, in break times, or even when you are relaxing on weekends. Worry less about the data charges much, as the app is very light. You will not get bored as our uniquely designed courses are made for learning through fun and much more.

Our online video courses are interactive, diverse, and come with incentives and recognition that can help you in serving the society, and build your career in relevant fields.

The app offers courses on social issues that affect our lives and help us to be citizens aware of our own rights. From Right to Information to journalism, these courses can help you understand the backgrounds, methods and applications for public interest. ‘iknow’ introduces you to experts, professionals and leaders of the concerned fields. You can learn by participating in quizzes, interacting with the specialists and reading relevant materials.

Sharpen your knowledge with iknow and be an active citizen, aware of the rights and ready to use it for social good. This is what it offers now:

– Access courses on Right to Information

– Download courses for offline viewing

– Participate in quizzes

– Get acknowledged on the scoreboard

– Share courses with your network

– Add certificates/badges of completion to your Social Media platforms

– Challenge your peers in social media to participate in quizzes

– Access valuable resources for free

– Opportunity to participate in boot-camps, residential training’s and many more

– Have a chance of building your career on social development

– Interact with experts to have a better understanding

– And rewards!

You will also find fact-checking course in this app. Current Course: iknow is offering a course on Right to Information, from its launch. It is open for all citizens, but encourages the youth. It includes:

– Watch and learn videos

– Introduction to Right to Information

– Understand the basic elements of RTI act

– How to use the act for social good – Participate in competitive quiz completions

– Certificate and a chance of winning exciting prizes

MRDI ‘iknow’ learning app is free to download. Just provide a few basic information, and you are ready to enroll. Once you enroll, you can choose your preferred courses. This app is developed by MRDI under the project `Better Governance for Better Services’ with generous support from Manusher Jonno Foundation and UKaid. Website: Email: Phone: 01727549686

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