This is a classroom for the young people who need and desire to learn new things related to social development and changes. This is a virtual learning space where the youth can learn by themselves and assess their knowledge without any external assistance. Youth, as the power house of the nation, can be the real changemaker. So, disseminating knowledge among youth aims not only to aware them, but also to spread the awareness in the society through them.

iKnow App

This is about an android mobile application ‘iknow’ designed and developed by MRDI with an idea to interact with the country’s youth group to link and introduce them with relevant societal issues and create awareness. The app is now available in Google play store.

One of the smartest ways to reach the youth group is to use mobile applications through which they can gain new knowledge and explore education materials from the app. Mobile phone is universally recognized as the most user-friendly device, that can be used not only for contact and entertainment, but also as an effective way of learning.

The iknow app offers interactive video courses on diverse social issues that affect citizens’ lives and help to be aware of their rights. It is expected to draw attention of the young people who are eager to know new things and very active in using android phone as a device for communication and entertainment.

First course of the learning app is on Right to Information that helps young people know about their right to know. They will learn why information is essential in their life and how information can be claimed as a right; NOT as a privilege.

The RTI course consists of five videos and quizzes for the youngsters. It has a leaderboard and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to make the learning process more interesting and interactive. Contact number of MRDI’s RTI helpdesk is displayed to facilitate continuous support and frequent interaction with the app users.

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