Want to use infographic in your report without having sufficient skills in graphics?

Use the prescribed online tools.

Running short of time for writing an assigned story for tomorrow’s newspaper?

Take help from the templates of the story playbook designed by The Financial Times. These are open to all.

Curious to know about under cover reporting?

Go through the experiences of a courageous reporter. You will get the tips.

Planning to investigate corruption?

Learn from other’s experience. “Operation Car Wash” – a cross-border collaboration of journalists will take you to a nerve-racking experience of producing a sensational story of investigation which unearthed the corruption of former president, vice president, governor, minister and other hi-ups of Latin America.

All these and thousands of other thirst-quenching solutions are available at the GIJN Bangla page, a digital platform administered by MRDI to support Bangla speaking journalists.
MRDI partners Global Investigative Journalism Network (GIJN) in the GIJN Bangla initiative. It introduces global knowledge, experience and resources to the Bangla speaking journalists around the world in Bangla language and on the other hand takes Bangla journalism to global audiences through website and social media.

Since the launch of GIJN Bangla in November 2018, it has reached thousands of journalists, academics and students in Bangladesh and India, making it one of the most successful regional services of GIJN. With more than 19 thousand unique visits to GIJN website only in 2019, Bangladesh is now ranked third in readership, among 130 countries.

The Facebook page of GIJN Bangla is progressing steadily with more than three thousand followers in just one year. It is growing in the same pace with the feeds in other languages and countries of the world. The success of this initiative has set MRDI in a respected position among the global investigative journalism community.

MRDI plans to expand the coverage of GIJN Bangla in the coming years beyond Bangladesh through effective engagement with audiences. Apart from text contents, the strategy will include monthly newsletters, videos of investigative tips, lives in social media and more original contents from Bangladesh in GIJN platforms.

With GIJN Bangla, MRDI aspires to be the knowledge hub of investigative journalism in the Bangla speaking region of South Asia.

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