MRDI has become a proud member of The Global Investigative Journalism Network (GIJN), an international association of journalism organizations that promote and support investigative and data journalism. It has 173 members in 75 countries representing all the continents and all major languages.

GIJN partnered with MRDI, to launch GIJN in Bangla, it is eighth language edition and the ninth regional edition. English, Arabic, Chinese, French, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish are other language editions.

This collaboration aims to introduce best practices in journalism, new thoughts, opportunities and other resources to Bangla-speaking journalists around the world to foster better journalism. Each day, GIJN Bangla shares the best investigative tips and tools, groundbreaking stories, grants and fellowships, data sets and more through social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and a Bangla resource page.

Investigative journalists are now on the job in more than a hundred countries, following trails and connecting with their colleagues in a more organized, more profound way than ever before. They have become, in effect, the “special forces” of global journalism. To succeed, journalists worldwide need the best training and technology to do their jobs. Global Investigative Journalism Network was established to meet the need.

GIJN provides resources and networking services to investigative journalists worldwide, publishes in multiple languages and on multiple platforms using the latest tools, techniques and opportunities for those in the field, helps organize and promote regional and international training conferences, assists in the formation and sustainability of journalism organizations involved in investigative reporting and data journalism and supports efforts to ensure free access to public documents and data worldwide.

Partnership with GIJN enabled MRDI to establish a linkage between enthusiastic Bangladeshi journalists and global investigative journalism community. It has created opportunities to facilitate local talents to gather more knowledge by attending Global Investigative Journalism Conferences, trainings and other opportunities.

It also enabled MRDI, to represent Bangladesh in global journalism society, with access to leading journalists and trainers, and in creating new collaboration with media development organizations around the world. GIJN values the partnership with MRDI and wants to strengthen it further, given its commitment to improve journalism standard in Bangladesh and potentially abroad.

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