Children & Ethical Reporting in Media (Phase l)

Project Status: Contractual
Funding Partner: UNICEF Bangladesh
Location: Countrywide
Project Duration: 1 year
Project Cost: BDT 11,617,500.00
MRDI’s Contribution: BDT 2,112,000.00


Team Leader: Inam Ahmed, Deputy Editor, The Daily Star
Programme Coordinator: Hasibur Rahman, Executive Director, MRDI
Assistant Programme Coordinator: Apurba Saha, Assistant Programme Coordinator, MRDI
Accounts Manager: Abdul Gofur, Manager, Finance, MRDI


To increase the judicious coverage of child-related issues on and for children through capacitating a group of journalist at national and local level.


Effective media coverage of child-related issues increased

An enabling environment created in the media houses for practicing high standard of journalistic ethics in reporting on and for children

Capacity of print and electronic media on ethics of reporting on and for children increased

A specialized group of reporters developed

One public and one private university facilitated for incorporating a chapter on ethical journalism on and for children in their curriculum

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