Advancing Women’s Right of Access to Information in Bangladesh

Project Status: Grant Agreement
Funding Partner: Manusher Jonno Foundation
Location: Dhaka City Corporation (Ward 30 of North and Ward 2 of South) and Keraniganj upazila
Project Duration: 28 months (April 2017 to July 2019)
Project Cost: BDT 104,25,119.00

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Team Leader: Hasibur Rahman, Executive Director, MRDI (partial)
Accounts Officer: Sk. Shaniaz Ahmed, Deputy Manager, Accounts, MRDI (partial)
Programme Officer: Mohua Alam Snigdha (full-time)


Advancing a meaningful right of access to information for women in Bangladesh


Awareness raising material design and production

Orientation of woman entrepreneurs on RTI

Orientation of informal sector woman workers

Advocacy meeting with individual NGOs and

CSOs on RTI Capacity development of NGOs and

CSOs on RTI RTI orientation at the upazila level

Courtyard meeting Programme with Bangladesh

Better RTI for slum dwellers TV talk show Leaflet

Campaign on RTI in 2 wards of DCC North and

South RTI Helpdesk RTI follow up support

Observance of Right to Know day

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